Careers at ILB

No vacancies at this time.

ILB Computing is always seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our team. ILB Computing is a progressive organisation focused on the strategic design, development and implementation of corporate websites and networks. To be successful with ILB, you will have:
  • Good verbal communication skills,
  • Good written communication skills,
  • Good problem solving ability,
  • Good database design skills,
  • Ability to work within a team,
  • Motivation, initiative, technical skills, flexibility,
  • You will also have completed or currently undertaking appropriate tertiary qualifications.
ILB Computing is an equal opportunity employer with a great working environment, and a commitment to helping the environment and our community. If you are interested in working with ILB Computing, please forward your resume to where we will hold it for six months.

Work Experience at ILB

In encouraging workplace learning and training, ILB Computing endeavours to support local students by providing the opportunity for work experience training. We are able to support work experience training in the following fields: Computing & All aspects of Information Technology Business Studies including Administration, Marketing & Management To qualify for work experience at ILB, you must be currently studying in your desired area, and when contacting us, you must specify the field you would be interested in working in. Please note, though we will endeavour to provide work experience training, this will depend on the organisations’ schedule. An application for work experience will not guarantee your placement.