ILB Strategy

Key Strategy Areas

As a business, we define our success based on how well we have met our goals in three key areas:

  • Customer Service,
  • Environment and Community, and
  • Staff Wellbeing.
These areas are integral to our organisation’s culture and values, and though we appreciate that for many, profitability is a key factor of their business success, we feel that overlooking how the organisation contributes to the community will affect the region’s development and success and in turn affect future potential for business profitability.

ILB’s commitment is to continually monitor our three key areas to ensure that we are meeting our organisations’ objectives and mission.

Key Area 1 – Customer Service

Are we adding value to our customer’s business processes?

We believe that to be successful, we need to ensure that we understand the needs of our customers, and that we can deliver and sustain customer value. We do this through the utilisation of key management tools and techniques, implementation of network monitoring systems, and most importantly, we ensure that we are available to solve our customers’ issues, any time, any day.

Key Area 2 – Environmental and Community

Are we participating in programs which benefit the community?

Are we reducing our environmental footprint?

We believe that we achieve success through participating in work place training initiatives, and supporting local organisations.
For our professional community, we have set up a Prometric Testing Centre to allow local professionals to undertake testing in Wollongong rather than commute to Sydney.
For the environment, we also regularly monitor new innovations in environmental protection, and implement these within our work environment, thereby meeting our environmental policy objectives.
Our achievements include:

  • implementing power supplied by 100% renewable means, and
  • an Emergency Management web application for the Wollongong LHQ State Emergency Services.

Key Area 3 – Staff Wellbeing

How well are our staff meeting their professional and personal goals?

What is our staff morale and wellbeing?

We appreciate that staff are a valuable resource. So here we measure success on a number of levels. Professional success is measured through KPI’s, and/or their job description. Staff morale is extremely important to the organisation, so personal & professional development goals are also encouraged and supported.